1. A judge in the State of Missouri has stated from the bench in open court that he does NOT approve of children in the entertainment industry and that he thinks they should grow up "normal".
  2. This judge actually issued a ruling BANNING the kids from leaving the State of Missouri even though they have lived in California for years, have been enrolled in school in California for years and virtually all of their significant connections are in the State of California. (Kadan & Brooklyn refused to follow this ruling, maintaining their home & life in California and asserting that this judge has no business making ANY rulings on their life as he does not have jurisdiction over them.)
  3. The Missouri Judge, which has numerous conflicts of interest, has repeatedly refused to follow UCCJEA laws concerning jurisdiction, has ignored evidence and proceeded illegally making biased, one-sided rulings that he has no business making.
  4. On October 8, 2019, Kadan & Brooklyn presented themselves at the courthouse in Missouri because the judge had threatened to arrest their Father if he did not make sure they were there. After showing up and respectively asserting their rights, OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM to the attorneys present and a court counselor, the Missouri judge came out of the courtroom and made illegal contact with Kadan & Brooklyn. This contact took place in private, WITHOUT PARENTS or ANY ATTORNEYS present. Neither parents or any attorneys were aware this was happening as it was done AFTER COURT and most everyone had left for the day.
  5. During this illegal contact with with Kadan and Brooklyn, he lectured them, scolded them, forced them to come with him to another location, forced them to remove clothing items and locked them up in separate jail cells where they were left barefoot and cold.
  6. When the Missouri Judge returned, he threatened to book them in juvenile detention. When Kadan & Brooklyn asserted that they had done nothing wrong, had been respectful and had simply stated that they are California residents, have a right to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry, and cannot be held against their will, the Missouri Judge then threatened to place them in the Missouri Foster Care System.
  7. Considering all of this, multiple motions have been filed to Dismiss, Vacate, force a UCCJEA hearing and for the judge to recuse himself from this matter. The Missouri judge has either ignored or outright denied ALL of these.

Kadan & Brooklyn need YOUR HELP in fighting these injustices! Their civil rights have being violated.