Kadan & Brooklyn have both worked very hard to achieve their dream and goals over the past years. They are straight "A", award-winning, honor students who are residents of Los Angles, California. They love California, as it is where their friends, school, church, extra-curricular activities and career opportunities are located.

Unfortunately, due to an illegally filed child custody modification, a judge in the State of Missouri has attempted to push his biased opinion that "kids should not work in the entertainment industry" and is trying to force them to move to the State of Utah against their will. Yes, you read that CORRECTLY, a judge in MISSOURI, where NO ONE INVOLVED LIVES, is handling a court case that was illegally filed there in the first place, that decides if long-time CALIFORNIA residents will be forced to live in UTAH! This is INSANE and places all they have worked so hard for and their future career opportunities in great jeopardy.

It gets even CRAZIER: This Missouri Judge, outside of court, with no parents or attorneys present, forced illegal contact with Kadan and Brooklyn, lecturing them, holding them against their will, forcing them to remove clothing, locking them up in cells, threatening to officially book them in juvenile detention as well as to place them in the Missouri Foster Care System! This judge had previously stated from the bench in open court, "Kids should grow up normal and not be in the entertainment industry" along with other extremely biased statements.

Would YOU help them PROTECT their rights and SAVE their careers?